Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Mistakes everywhere...

The world is full of grammar any language.
Recently, a few middle school students in Spain came up with a brilliant idea:
They have created a blog where they post all the Spanish grammar mistakes they find anywhere. Anyone can participate and add content to the blog.

As an example, take a look at this movie cover from the film: "Eternal Sunshine" . It was translated into Spanish as "Olvídate de mí", but someone forgot that "mi" has an accent and it is spelled correctly "mí".
Teachers, marketers and anyone who uses the language as a tool to teach, convince or influence people should be careful to use it carefully and correctly without overlooking any details. The content is as important as the way in which we communicate.

This student's initiative is a way to teach and encourage people to be more rigorous with the use of any language, since it is a treasure we should take care of instead of undermine or destroy.
Take a look at some of these mistakes:


  1. Wow, actually I never thought that the blog would be noticed in USA, this is nuts!! :)

  2. You should not be surprised. Ideas travel fast and good ideas spread even faster...

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  4. Thats' right, mistakes are everywhere in every language. Vocabulary in Spanish needs to be improved in order to speak fluently. People who have poor vocabulary find it very difficult to speak what they have in their minds, because of lack of words to express himself.

    Junu Jinnie
    Spanish school Costa Rica